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Måndagsbarn – Rebecca Björklund

Stort tack till Rebecca, Anna Persson, Patrick, Kalle, Peter & Rickard

MP14 & AR – You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC-cover) – feb 2019

MP14 & AR – You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC-cover) – feb 2019

Musik & lek med elever & kollegor En cover på KAIAKs version av AC/DC ”You Shook Me All Night Long”
MP:voc, Andreas Ralsgård: Basklarinet, Klarinet & flöjter, Peter Cemjack: kör & PInge – Feb 2019

CORY WONG talks about authentic music

AMXX – LA Girls (Charlie Puth-cover) – jan 2019

Musik & lek med kollegor och vänner
AM, CP, DF & jag – Jan 2019

Kulturskolan ”Ingenting går upp mot gamla Skåne” Siw Malmqvist-cover

Kulturskolan i Landskrona
Gjord på håltimmar, luckor i livet och med glädje.
Vocal Rhymes med elever & personal
AR, PÖ, AP, RL & jag – Nov 2018

F it up – Louis Cole (Live Sesh)

Live Louis Cole sesh recorded in some guy’s house.
”Might’ve been born too late for the Beatles but just in time for motherfuckin’ Louis Cole!” kommentar från YouTube

How this top producer turns his laptop into a studio

Nate Smith giving a counting lesson in Chicago

Prince and Sheila E. Alma Awards 2007

Re-Collective Orchestra- All The Stars

Joni Mitchell – ”Both Sides Now” – 2000

Ash Soan – 2018 Frankfurt Musikmesse

Seminar – Land Richards, Freddie Washington & Ray Parker Jr

Linda Pira feat. Molly Sandén – Ey Gäri

Linda Pira & Molly Sandén tar ton mot killars dåliga attityd mot kvinnor.

KEYSCAPE – Jacob Collier: Piano Improvisation

Louis Cole e´cool

KNOWER – Overtime @ The Blue Whale, LA

Andy Gander plays B.C. Manjunath 35/8 Konnakol

This piece started in India with Manjunath B.C,
then the beautiful backing track was composed by Prof Dave King in Germany then it took a trip to Australia to unite with the impeccable drumming of Mr. Andy Gander and finally it was complete with USA’s percuss.io aligning the notation(transcribed by Mr. Andy Gander) for us.

Cannot imagine a small piece of music finds shelter under so many people.

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